Prices & Policies
A Purrfect Way Pet Sitting Service - southern Calvert
County's oldest  in-home professional pet sitting service.  Pet
sitting, dog walking, cat care, pet taxi, home and plant care.
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A Note About Our Pricing:

We like to keep things simple!  Every visit to your home is a pet sit--we will
do ALL tasks required at each visit to keep all of your pet(s) happy, healthy
and comfortable. This includes a walk or potty break and playtime for dogs;
scooping litter boxes for cats; playtime and/or brushing and attention for
cats, refilling food and water and administering any medications (including
insulin). We will also bring in the mail, newspaper and packages; alternate
lights, blinds and curtains and water plants if needed. All of this is
INCLUDED in the visit fee.

$15 for 15 minute visit
quick "pop-in" visits only recommended for fish, birds, guinea pigs or other small "pocket pets";
house-security checks to bring in the mail and packages (no animals present in home); very shy
cats who don't want much company, or dogs who are recuperating from an illness or injury and
who aren't supposed to have a high level of activity.
don't recommend this very short visit for active/social cats, puppies or even older dogs
as it takes a few minutes to greet everyone and get chores done--active animals need
more time to work off some energy!
$20 for 30 minute visit
$30 for 45 minute visit
$40 for 60 minute visit

(extra fee applies for travel outside of our regular service area)
These rates apply to up to 5 animals in the home; if you have 5 or more pets, there is
a $2 charge per pet over #5)
If you have a small zoo, care for fish, birds and other
small pets is included in this rate; no extra charge!

We focus on quality sits for those who
want the very best for their pets at a reasonable cost that reflects our
dedication and years of experience in the industry.

We offer a discounted rate for mid-day dog walks/potty breaks only if you
book at least 4 visits per week and you pay in advance for at least 8 visits at
a time. However, because of this discounted rate only for mid-day
contracts...if you cancel a walk during the week, the walk fee is not refunded
for the day that you cancel.

We have a 2-day cancellation policy during the year; sits cancelled within 48 hours are
not charged a fee.  With less than 48 hours notice, the fee for the entire assignment is due.

During the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays, we require 7 days notice to cancel
visits or the fee for the entire assignment is due.

We have a holiday surcharge of $5 per visit on major holidays--Thanksgiving, Christmas,
New Years