Prices & Policies
A Note About Our Pricing:
We like to keep things simple!  Every visit to your home is considered a
pet sit; we do NOT have different rates for a "walk" vs. "pet sit" vs.
"playtime". Simply put, we will do ALL tasks required at each visit to
keep all of your pet(s) happy, healthy
relaxed and comfortable!
We will visit up to 5 animals in the home for the quoted visit fee (some
local services charge extra for more than 1 animal in the home. We do
not charge extra unless you have over 5 animals--a small zoo will
obviously take a bit longer at each visit)
We will care for your additional pets; fish tanks and small caged pets
for the standard visit fee--no extra charge, ever.
Each pet sit includes:
a walk or potty break and playtime for dogs
scooping litter boxes
playtime and/or brushing and attention for cats
refilling food and water and administering any medications
(including insulin)
bringing in the mail, newspaper and packages
alternating lights, blinds and curtains
watering plants if needed
refilling bird feeders or feeding outdoor critters
All of these tasks are INCLUDED in the visit fee

$15 for 15 minute visit
A quick "pop-in" visit recommended for fish, birds, guinea pigs or
other small "pocket pets"; house-security checks to bring in the
mail and packages (no animals present in home); very shy cats who
don't want
or need much company, or dogs who are recuperating
from an illness or injury and who aren't supposed to have a high
level of activity.
$20 for 30 minute visit
$30 for 45 minute visit
$40 for 60 minute visit
extra fee applies for travel outside of our regular service area)
These rates apply to up to 5 animals in the home; if you have 5 or
more pets, there is a $2 charge per pet over #5) If you have a
small zoo, care for fish, birds and other small pets is included in
this rate; no extra charge!

We focus on quality sits for those who
want the very best for their pets at a reasonable cost that
reflects our dedication and years of experience in the industry.

Please Note:  We require at least a once-daily visit for cats--
we will not accept assignments that request every other day visits
at this time. This is for the safety and well-being of your
cats and the security of your home.

We are happy to discuss a schedule that varies
the length of the daily visit and/or do a shortened visit (15 min) at
the reduced cost
if you are planning a long trip and have financial
concerns about
the total cost--but we must stick to our policy and
visit at least once daily.

We offer a discounted rate for mid-day dog walks/potty breaks
only if you book at least 4 visits per week and you pay in advance
for at least 8 visits at a time. However, because of this discounted
rate only for mid-day contracts...if you cancel a walk during the
week, the walk fee is not refunded for the day that you cancel.

Once your have departed for your trip and the assignment begins,
there are no refunds for early returns as this time has already been
reserved for the care of your pets.

We require 2 days notice to cancel an assignment or the fee for the
entire assignment will be billed as completed; 7 days notice is
required at the major holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.
Professional, insured pet sitting service established in 2000 for the southern Calvert County, Maryland area.
We specialize in cats, dogs, fish, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and other "pocket pets", goats, chickens and ducks!